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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bring food or drinks with me?
    Water/water bottle is allowed, however, food inside the EESystem healing room is prohibited.
  • What do I bring to my EES session?
    Personal eye covers, if sensitive to light, ear plugs because with others in the room there may be a few disturbances. Also bring a small blanket and small pillow if needed. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Bring your own personal water container that can be opened and closed quietly.
  • What if I have to reschedule?
    All sessions/appointments may be rescheduled for a later date up to 24 hours advance notice, otherwise, a $25 fee will be assessed. Once the session/appointment time begins, reservations cannot be rescheduled or refunded. Sessions booked via a package pricing plan may be cancelled with a 24 hour advance notice. Note: Late arrivals will be required to reschedule.
  • How long do the effects of the EESystem last?
    Due to the “cumulative” effect of the technology, the length of time will vary from person to person. Know that the more you are exposed in the shortest period of time, the greater the cumulative effects; hence, the longer the effects will last.
  • How do I book a session?
    You may book sessions by logging in here or via the “Book A Session” button in the header of the site.
  • How do I prepare for a EES session?
    It’s important to focus on seeing your body in a healthy state before coming into the EES energy room. This includes positive affirmations, being open to health and wellness, being willing to spend time in prayer and meditation and connect with God. Come to your session hydrated for best results. We recommend you start hydrating 24 hours in advance, NOT right before your session. Dress comfortably, in layers; your body drifts cooler during your session. Blankets are sometimes needed (please bring your own); wear thick socks if you get cold feet. It’s ok to eat a light snack prior to your session; do not be either hungry or too full as you do not want your body focused on digesting food. Please bring either thick socks, slippers or moccasins as street shoes are not allowed in the EES healing room. Lights will be very dim, however, please bring a sleep mask if desired. Relaxing music will be playing during the session. If you prefer silence, please bring earphones or ear plugs. (No electronic earphones/earpods) Food isn’t allowed in the EES healing room. PLEASE – no perfumes, colognes, body sprays, highly fragrant deoderants, scented lotions or oils. Some guests are very sensitive to scents.
  • Can I receive package rates for overnight stays?
    Yes – and it is a great package pricing plan. Check our webpage: for instructions.
  • What should users expect when they get to Energetic Pathways to use the system?
    ~ Firstly, your PMA agreement should already have been signed and completed online. You will receive a code to enter the Energetic Pathways EESystem via email or text confirmation. Please arrive no more than 10-15minutes early to your appointment to allow for set-up time. The EESystem you will be experiencing is a 16-unit system. When you go into the room, choose an available zero-gravity chair and make yourself comfortable, free of distractions such as phones or other devices. Sessions are two hours in length. It is quiet in the room and people will be relaxing with their eyes closed or hopefully go to sleep. Earplugs, blankets and eye covers are not available if you want or need them (feel free to bring your own). Relax and close your eyes. The goal is to get closer to a deep, relaxing, peaceful state. When the eyes are open, most of the mind’s focus is directed outward. The colorful computer screens you see in each corner of the room are the technology that is emitting near-infrared light, which is a type of light with longer wavelengths than visible light and is invisible to the human eye. This light is used to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes (balancing and therapeutic) while reducing inflammation. Although you will not be able to interpret what the screens are doing, your brain and body are absorbing virtually all of it. Feelings of sensation are normal during the session: While some users feel nothing at all, others feel varying degrees of warmth, tingling, heaviness and more. Know that this is very normal. Results will vary based upon many factors. Some users feel benefits immediately and for days and weeks while others sense small changes to nothing at all. Remember, the frequencies you receive continue to work long after you leave the EESystem room. The technology has displayed in users a heightened mind, body, soul and spirit as well as lifestyle enhancement. You will likely feel rested and rejuvenated after your session. Continue to drink plenty of water to flush the toxins out of your system.
  • How can I manage my session/appointment bookings?
    After booking a session, you will receive an appointment-confirmation email. This email contains a unique link to access your dashboard where you can directly manage your bookings.
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